Twatterr is a Canadian feminist blog that’s making its way into the anti-oppression blogosphere. Creating, maintaining, revisiting and reclaiming critical discourse, Twatterr seeks submissions, and presents voices, that engage with feminism, anti-racism, ableism, native issues, trans issues, queer issues, sizeism, post-colonialism, prisoner’s rights and, well, any other anti-oppression –ism through lenses that include but are not limited to pop culture, public policy, current events, advertising, art, literature. From vajazzling vaginas to the Harper government’s gross misconduct – we want to read, reflect on, deconstruct, respond to and create conversation on it all. While we may seem like a general interest blog, be warned, this is a feminist space, and while we wholeheartedly encourage debate and discussion among feminists or those who align (somewhat) with the politics but reject the name (womanists and friends, we love you!), we aren’t here to make a space for anti-feminists to question why we exist.

   We believe that Canada is a place with a unique history and geopolitical status, and that a lot of feminist issues could benefit from a uniquely Canadian-feminist standpoint. While we believe in Canadian-specific analysis, we don't want this country-specific approach to sound nationalistic. We know Canada’s a colonial creation. We believe that those living under the colonial Canadian government have a unique identity and come from a unique place in their feminist analysis. That said, what Canada means is up to you, and if you don't call yourself Canadian - that's okay, interpellation by large scary structures is usually involuntary, anyway. We think of ourselves as occupying a different kind of space than our American and international counterparts, but these spaces exist together and it would just be silly of us to ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world. If it’s relevant to you, it’s probably relevant to us!

   Speaking of space … Twatterr is a public space, but that doesn’t mean that you folks can be saying anything you want. We want productive discussion not derailing, and respect is always key in this forum.

   So, why Twatterr, you ask? As two Canadian feminists (identities that are by no means exhaustive), we like saying ‘twats’. We realize that not all our contributors or readers have twats. We hope that our blog will include contributions and conversation from people of all genders and bodies, regardless of where they fall on the reclaiming-slang-words-for-vagina spectrum. However, the founders of this blog do have pussies (I CAN HAZ VAGINA?!) (and cocks in our sockdrawers) and we have no problem calling them twats. We like this word. We reclaim this word (urban dictionary, eat your fucking heart out!), and we want you to have a reaction to this word, to this blog and to our various contributors.

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