Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogwatch - Visualizing Women' Rights in the Arab World

Check out this project: Visualizing Women's Rights in the Arab World.
The project consists of a blog cataloging different techniques used to visualize and organize information about social and political issues. It's the on-line space for a series of workshops taking place in Jordan in early December.

Here's some neat projects they've highlighted:

Ninjabi - A comic strip about a young hijabi wearing girl growing up in the States and her close circle of friends. The strip's name is taken from putting the words ninja and hijab together.

Open Street Maps - a wiki mapping project that creates maps through the collaborative efforts of everyday people. The mapping project has begun collective mapping of the Occupied Territories of Palestine with the goal of helping NGOs and aid organizations working on the ground.
their website more fun infographics and visualizing projects.

Scrawl through their website for more fun infographics and visualization projects.

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