Friday, October 15, 2010

Break -Up Songs for the Weary

The most amazing thing about break-up ennui is how every pop song relates to what you're going through. Perhaps it's more of a comment on the vapidness of pop song lyrics (or their genius) that you can twist basically any song with the words "you, love, want, need, hate, lonely, jerkface, die" in it to be about your pain - even if the song formally related to your rosy new relationship. When I was going through my break-up, every fucking song was about it in the same way I used to our coupledom reflected in each loving romcom (even if all those romcoms were about heteros...)

Here's a select few break-up songs:

Mariah Carey - Shake It Off (the maker of manya break-up ballands, this one's for the righteous break-up. She also has one's for heartbreakers, obsessed exes, exes that are still in love but need to be apart for emotionally responsible reasons, and exes that deeply and truly belong together). I don't care if she can't dance, this woman is a genius.

Eamon- Fuck It (Don't Want U Back)
This little gem snuck on to my iTunes under the guise of a Beyonce song. Who knew I was soon to discover the perfectly soft r'n'b atonality of a scorned lover's angst? My great dream is to karaoke this song. It's yet to be happen, but trust me, dream's gonna come true.

Art of Noise - Moments in Love
Ethereal and eerie, a perfect reminder of how creepy all-consuming love can be (and probably was).

Bettye LaVette - Stand Up Like A Man
Though this song is about LaVette helping her lover achieve maximum masculinity, I alternately imagine that she's singing for me to find strength or singing about my ex's lack of courage. Both were equally satisfying.

Janet Jackson - What Have You Done for me Lately?
A question we should all ask ourselves from time to time. Also, the video opening is amazing. I love the way Janet's friend 'tudes late-ly.

And here's a podcast on break-up management from the amazing Queer Fat Femme Mafia's femmecast - including a hilarious performance called What Would Joan Crawford Do? about a true tale of heartbreak and revenge- can be found below. Scroll for episode 2:

Post your own break-up songs and tips.

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