Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Headlines and Links for Oct 6/2010

  • Public Inquiry Demanded for the G20 (again). I guess that internal police review wasn't exactly the unbiased voice for the 1000+ people arrested, hm? http:/// 
  • Vancouver police turn a blind-eye to gendered violence occurring in Vancouver's East End. "...the director of Battered Women's Support Services, Angela Marie MacDougall, told the Straight that the VPD is not paying sufficient attention to drug-debt collectors throwing women out of windows and shaving women's heads. She alleged that a 22-year-old aboriginal woman, Ashley Mashisknic, was murdered on September 15 after being raped by three men and then tossed out of a window at the Regent Hotel"
  • Three activists have been arrested in Vancouver for occupying the Vancouver Police Station. The activists demanded the police investigate the murder of Ashley Mashisknic, and stated they would not leave until they met with Police Chief Jim Chu. You can watch a video of their occupation here:
  • or read more about the arrest and charges:
  • Beaver Barracks, Canada's first sustainable renting project, is almost complete:
  • A tougher criminal code, courtesy of your Conservative government, equals a rise in prison population.
  • Zijad Delic, the executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, was banned from speaking at the military's Islamic History month event this past Monday. The Post has some excerpts from his unspoken speech:

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